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Frequently-Asked Questions

What is the right camp for me? Regular, Premier or ADRIT ?

We offer 2 or 3  camp divisions:

For most students, the regular division is the best option. This can be usually for rising 7th / 8th graders (some 5th and 6th graders may be ready for this – ask us if you’re not sure) Premier division is a select division – the highest level group at camp besides ADRIT. Work with a special, high-level instructor (often college professors). Enrollment is limited, no audition necessary. Cost slightly higher than regular. Everyone gets to learn reed-making, play in ensembles, and get to the next level in their playing.  All ability levels are welcome – we will place you in appropriate groups for your level.

The ADRIT camp is a special camp for advanced high school and college students by audition only.  This camp has a special set of faculty who are conservatory and college professors and symphony players from all over the country.  Students at this camp also study reed-making, play in ensembles, and they also study orchestral excerpts and solos in masterclass settings.

The regular and Premier divisions are open to anyone, while the ADRIT camp is by audition only.

What are the differences in bassoon reeds and oboe reeds that you offer for sale at camp?

We offer several different kinds of reeds available for sale (and ahead of time) at camp.  All of our instructors are double-reed professionals and teachers, and therefore we are particular about the reeds that we put our name on.  All reeds are handmade by us.  We offer the following:

Bassoon and Oboe Reeds

Basic (Beginner): Hand-made, very easy to blow, plays in tune especially in the first octave.  Recommended for those who have been playing for less than 6 months.

Intermediate: Hand-made, easy to blow, plays in tune in all registers (low, middle and high range), beautiful characteristic sound.  Appropriate for those who have been playing for at least 6 months

Pro: Hand-made, easy to blow, plays in tune in all registers, beautiful characteristic sound.  Particularly excellent professional grade reed.  Appropriate for anyone wanting an exceptional reed

Pro Contra-bassoon: Hand-made, medium shape, individual hand-finishing.  This is an excellent contra reed.

Pro English horn: Hand-made, easy to blow and makes a beautiful, warm dark sound.  Excellent English horn reed.

What items come in the bassoon reed-making kits?

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What items come in the oboe reed-making kits?

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Is lunch included?

At all commuter locations lunch is NOT included.  At all residential locations, lunch IS included.  Residential locations are:

Southern California, Northern California, Virginia, Ohio, Houston North, Abilene

How does the audition work?

For the middle school and high school division,  you audition for group placement the first day of camp.  Don’t worry – this is just to help you get placed in the best group for you!  Here is a link to the audition music.  The nice thing is, if you’re not happy with your placement, just talk to the director and we’ll help you get to the best group for you.

Where do I go to find the audition material?

Here is where you can find the audition material for students attending the REGULAR and PREMIER divisions.  ADRIT does not audition on the first day of camp since you already pre-auditioned in the spring.  Beginners (who have never played or who have played for less than 3 months and who are attending our BEGINNER camp only, do not need to audition.  Students who have just completed their first school year playing WILL audition (usually “rising 7th graders”).



I am an oboe player. Can I learn how to play the English horn?

Usually, yes.  We have  instruments at many camps that you may be able to try out.  Mention this to your instructor at camp the first day.

I am a bassoonist. Will I have a chance to play on a contra bassoon?

Usually, yes.  We have instruments at many camps that you may be able to try.  Mention this to your instructor the first day.

Where do I stay if I am coming from out of town?

We have 6 residential camps (students stay in dorms, RAs stay in dorms, too).

Refund Policy

We are unable to offer refunds on the cost of camp. Pre-purchased items (reeds, tool kits, cane/staples) will be shipped to you. Refunds are only offered for the Media items and the rental kit. 

What is the EIN for Bocal Majority?