Dallas: June 11-13 (14), 2018

Houston: June 18-20 (21)

Austin: July 23-25

San Antonio: July 20 Special 1-day class with UTSA BBPW

Band Director Boot Camp

Band Directors

Does the thought of having to teach the double-reed class strike fear in your heart?

Would you like to know the fingerings to the notes before your students do?

Would you like to know a little more about reeds so you can avert a reed emergency in a pinch?

How about some good verbiage for embouchure, hand position and posture?


Band Director Boot Camp is just what you need!

Enrollment now open! Click above.



How about 3 days in the peaceful summertime to walk through the basics and intermediates of bassoon and/or oboe technique? You can choose to do just bassoon (morning), just oboe (afternoon), or both!

Instructors:          Sally Bohls, oboe        Jennifer Auerbach, bassoon

Dallas Location: Dewitt Perry Middle School in Carrollton, TX

Houston Location: Tays Junior High in Katy, TX

Austin Location: Stiles Middle School in Leander, TX



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Topics Covered Include:

Fingering charts: your best friend/your worst enemy

Reed selection/reed adjusting

Talking to your private lesson teacher or how to speak baboon

Embouchure, hand position and posture, oh my!

All course materials (including the Teacher Edition of the Double Reed Bootcamp Book this year!) will be provided and class is taught in a fun learning atmosphere by knowledgeable faculty.




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You can focus on either oboe or bassoon, or you can take both instruments the same week:

10am-1pm Bassoon

2pm-5pm Oboe

Cost: $175 for one instrument (bassoon or oboe – half days) and $300 for both (full days)

New this year! Reed-Making class for band directors – special 1-day add on event. $100

This reed making day goes much further into depth on actual reed construction. You will make reeds from start to finish in this optional add-on class (Thursday of Dallas and Houston locations). If not attending the 3-day class it is still ok to attend the reed-making class. It is OK to only attend the 3-day class also, we will cover reed adjusting in that portion of the class.


Late fee of $25 applied if after May 15th

We have a last minute fee of $50 which will be added if you enroll for the DFW class during the period of time 1 week before the camp (if you enroll during June 1 – 4) – the camp itself is not these dates, the last minute fee will just be applied during this time.


We have a last minute fee of $50 which will be added if you enroll for the Houston class during the period of time 1 week before the camp (if you enroll during June 8-11) – the camp itself is not these dates, the last minute fee will just be applied during this time.


We have a last minute fee of $50 which will be added if you enroll for the Austin class during the period of time 1 week before the camp (if you enroll during July 6 – 9) – the camp itself is not these dates, the last minute fee will just be applied during this time.

Enrollment now open!

Hand-made professional bassoon and oboe reeds will be available for purchase.

“I attended the Band Director Boot Camp in 2009. The experience was absolutely wonderful, and I strongly recommend it to any band director. The entire approach is very hands on, and being able to physically interact with the teachers makes learning the material more fun! I still refer to the oboe and bassoon handbooks I received as a refresher to my teaching each year. Dr. Auerbach and Mrs. Bohls make you feel like you are a rock star teacher by the time you leave the camp. They are positive and encouraging with their information, and oh so patient. Their approach to teaching makes me understand why our students love their “student camps” and why I will always be a supporter of Bocal Majority!” – Noelle Khan, Frisco ISD.

“Like many band directors, I was intimidated by double reeds. Bocal Majority Band Director Boot Camp gave me the confidence to teach double reeds and troubleshoot problems that can occur. I was immediately able to use what I had learned and continue to receive support from the professional learning network. Best continuing education ever!” – Tammy Disharoon, Katy ISD.

“Unlike so many professional development sessions that approach instrument pedagogy from the performer’s perspective, the Band Director Boot Camp keeps the focus on the teachers’ perspective. The information is immediately applicable, and the resources are immensely valuable reference materials throughout the school year.” – Jason Tucker, Plano ISD.

“Boot camp allowed me to give my bassoon students great feedback that was crucial to their development as double reed players.” – Julia Lawson, CFBISD.

“Before I could play a bit and knew all the basic stuff like fingerings, but I was able to become a better bassoon and oboe player and know what to do to make my students better players based on the issues they are having. I also learned what to look for in a reed that will be overall better for the students and many tricks and tips about fingerings. It was great! I feel as if I knew very little and like now I know everything! Which I don’t, but it sure feels like it right now! Thanks Sally and Jennifer!” – Crystal Flores, Garland ISD

“Bocal Majority and Operation Oboe camp were great! It was so informative, and I feel very confident that I will be a better teacher of Double Reed instruments in the years ahead!” – Ashley Coleman, Northwest ISD

“I have always been the ‘Brass Specialist’ and lost any double reed skill learned from my Undergrad degree. This camp was fun and exactly what I needed so I can have a clue when it comes to helping my double reed kids. I am excited to use the method book and will tell any director I know to get it for their campus!” – Christen Stout, Arlington ISD

“Band Director Boot Camp was one of the most fun and informative sessions I have attended lately. Even veteran teachers learn so much from Jennifer and Sally! I now feel more confident about teaching double reeds in the fall.” – Angela Pedigo, Carroltton-Farmers Branch ISD

“Bocal Majority is an excellent learning opportunity for educators wishing to expand their knowledge on the double reed instruments. You have access to two great minds, and can get as much out of the experience as you give into it. Even though the course covers a lot of information, it still has a very open and relaxed atmosphere.” – Wesley Smith

“After teaching in very small districts where we didn’t teach double reeds to beginners, I recently took a position in a large district in which I will have double reeds beginners at two different campuses. Before Boot Camp, I hadn’t played oboe or bassoon in 20+ years, and the prospect of teaching those instruments was intimidating … and maybe even a little terrifying! Jennifer and Sally calmed my nerves by patiently and thoroughly walking us through everything we needed to start our beginners. Their method book is fantastic, and their experience and insight will be invaluable. They answered questions I didn’t even know I needed to ask, and they encouraged us to stay in touch and ask questions even after the camp ended. Thanks to Boot Camp, I think I just might be able to do this!” – Robin Wilson, Midway ISD

Click here to see an awesome video of band directors playing bassoon at camp!

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