ADRIT Faculty 2017 by Location

Austin 1 

Michael Burns, Professor of Bassoon at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro








Martin Schuring, Professor of Oboe at Arizona State University

Martin Schuring Pic







Frisco / Dallas

Eric Stomberg, Professor of Bassoon at The University of Kansas and The Interlochen Arts Academy










Erin Hannigan, Professor of Oboe at Southern Methodist University, Principal Oboist of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Erin Hannigan









Houston North
Nathan Koch, Professor of Bassoon at Sam Houston State University

nathan koch







Season Summers, Professor of Oboe at Sam Houston State University









Southern California

Carolyn Beck, Professor of Bassoon at Redlands University









Francisco Castillo, Professor of Oboe at Redlands University









Christin Schillinger, Professor of Bassoon at Miami University










Andrea Ridilla, Professor of Oboe at Miami University