Download the audition repertoire for students attending the REGULAR or PREMIER divisions.  This is NOT for the ADRIT audition.






What if my student is applying to ADRIT – do they play this music?

No, they audition ahead of time on their solo – selected from this list. They do not re audition the first day of camp – they go right into programing.

What if my student has never played their instrument before – do they have to play this audition materials?

No, there is no audition for students who have never played their instrument before (attending beginner camp). If you’re still unsure, contact Dr. Auerbach.  [email protected] 

Does my student have to play the whole piece for their audition?

They are required to play the theme only (first 3 lines).  They may elect to play additional variations to be considered for higher group placement.

What is the tempo? 

You can select whatever tempo you want

What if my student can’t play this? 

Play what you can of this and don’t worry – we’ll place you in the correct group at camp.