Sarah Bates-Kennard

Oboe Private Lesson Teacher & Graduate Student at Arizona State University |

Students of all ages love the reed-making. It is incredible to see the enthusiasm that ensues after being a part of a reed-making class. Students keep asking when we can make reeds together again — all year! I would have never been able to get my students to try reed-making on my own. Even the most outgoing and the most shy students each find ways to have a great time at camp. I’ve never seen a mean spirit there. All the kids are supportive of each other, which is encouraging to all the participants and not always present at summer camps.  Students like to meet students from other schools. Some form lasting friendships with other double reed players they meet at BMOO and continue being supportive of each other even while competing against each other at auditions. It’s neat to see young oboists encouraging each other at region band auditions, and I think a lot of the students feel better auditioning when they have friends in the room.