The Double Reed Classroom Method Book by Sally Bohls and Jennifer Auerbach is a set of classroom materials intended for use in a beginner double reed class.  Band class books are fine for additional use, but do not address the specific needs of oboe and bassoon. We have put together a book that does just that. This book starts from day one of playing the oboe and bassoon and takes the class through the end of the first year of playing. With a focus on similar motion rather than same pitches, notes are introduced at the most opportune times to take the guesswork out of it for frustrated band directors.


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Lynne Jackson: “This is an incredible beginner book. Every aspect of the book meets the needs of the students in a manner in which they may comfortably & successfully learn to play the oboe or bassoon. The illustrations, information, theory & sequence are superior. If you are a young teacher just getting started, this book will virtually teach you how to become a successful teacher of beginners. I will be using this book for our double reed method class at SMU & recommend that you use it too.” – Lynne Jackson, Southern Methodist University






John Benzer: “I am pleased to have such an invaluable, thorough and comprehensive double reed resource available to music educators.  I strongly encourage this method book to be used by both public school band directors, private lesson and college methods instructors.  Not only is the information truly outstanding in every aspect, but there are supplemental pictures, exercises and up-to-date fingering charts which make this book one-of-a-kind.  I have tremendous respect for Jennifer and Sally, and am very proud of their collaboration and give this method book my highest endorsement.” – John Benzer, University of Houston Instrumental Music Education Faculty and Public School Band Clinician/Consultant




Matthew McInturf: “Sally Bohls and Jennifer Auerbach have created a valuable resource for both students and teachers of young double reed players. The book fills a need that is not met by standard beginner band methods and will be welcomed by classroom teachers and applied teachers alike. The pedagogy is sound, the organization is clear and the material is both practical and engaging. This will become another great contribution to the profession by this team of dedicated and visionary teachers who have a track record of creative success.” – Dr. Matthew McInturf, Director of Bands, Sam Houston State University.

Sally and Jennifer also run band director bassoon and oboe boot camps where you learn how to teach double reeds – in the summer, all around Texas:

Band Director Boot Camp