This year we’re doing the auditions a little differently than before (for the middle school and high school divisions).  If you are participating in ADRIT, you’re set.  If you’re not sure, then you’re not in ADRIT.

So, here’s how it works:

We are not doing pre-recorded auditions this year.  Everyone will audition for group placement the first day of the camp, first thing, so please make sure you bring your instrument and a working reed (we have reeds on location that you can buy if you need to buy some).  It’s nothing to be worried about – you only audition for one person and you won’t have to play in front of your peers – just the one teacher.

You pick out about a minute of your favorite music – something that shows off how well you can play, and play that.  It can be part of your solo from this year, part of your region music, or a scale.  You can’t go wrong.  This is just to place you in a group where you will be around other students near your ability level, and so you can get better while at camp.

And if you end up in a group that you think is too easy or too hard, all you have to do is come tell the site manager and they will switch you into a different group.  (the only exception is the large ensemble – that placement is set unless your part is too hard for you, but that is only a very small part of the daily schedule).